Trust in the Lord . . .

God’s Strength

God’s Strength

“She looked back and marveled how far she had come . . .

She didn’t wonder how she made it . . .

She already knew the answer.

Only with God’s help had she powered through.

For without His strength she could do nothing.” (Godfruits)

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you, and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Jeremiah 29:11

How comforting to know that God knows the plans He has for us, He knows what challenges we will face in life, what changes we will face, and because He knows He gives us the strength and the wisdom to face each one and to overcome. With God I can face all things!

Several years ago I wrote a blog on a significant change my husband and I were starting on, it can be found here: As I sit here, almost five years later I have been quietly reflecting on all of life’s journeys that God has placed before me. Life is filled with journeys, adventures, challenges, obstacles, and hopefully a faith in God that will get us through each of them.

Our faith is tested throughout life, but there is a reason for those tests. Our faith also grows through those tests, our faith perseveres through those tests, and our faith grows only stronger through those tests. Without the tests in life, our faith at best would be minimal, yet through the tests, our faith grows endlessly.

As I reflect on my childhood, I don’t remember any major obstacles or changes I faced; however, I do remember God being the focus of my family’s life and love for each other. My childhood, my family, my church family, and my faith prepared me for the plan God had for my life, and still has. His plan leads me all the way to my heavenly home with him some day, and oh what a glorious day that will be.

A few months ago, in my Sunday School class we had a discussion about the life changing moments we face in life, and how the way we react to them is a testament, a witness for those around us, for those observing. Our testimony has more of an impact in those moments in life, than all the words we say. I wanted on that morning to speak up, but something held me back. As a result of not following God’s will for me to share my testimony at that moment, He has placed it on my heart every day since. I cannot shake the fact that I let a moment go by without sharing. Through this blog I hope to share my testimony of how God has worked in my life, how He gave me strength beyond measure when I needed it most, and how He continues to guide me and give me strength and wisdom.

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