Our Parents . . .

Deuteronomy 5:16 “Honor your father and your mother, as the Lord your God has commanded you, that your days may be long, and that it may be well with you in the land which the lord your God is giving you.”

Honor your parents! A simple value in life, a value in life we followed in my family, my friends’ families, and in my church family. I am so thankful for being taught this value. I am so grateful for my parents and the other adults in my life, their guidance, direction, and love are invaluable!

In 1995, I wrote a poem for my parents’ 46th wedding anniversary. I would like to share it here because it truly encompasses the relationship I shared with my parents, it describes how grateful I am for what they gave us in life: unconditional love, support, encouragement, and teachings of God and His love.

Father:  A family, Love! A quiet strength. Silence. Wisdom. Caring. Christian. Smiles. Tears. Hugs. Warmth.  They say, “She’s just like her father . . . even, the dimple.”  A station wagon, trips, Christmas, family, more hugs, and smiles. Lots of laughter.  Porch swings. Lawrence Welk and bubbles. Love! Being together.

Ah! The beach trips. Life-long friends. Lots of laughter and fun. Music. Coffee. Doughnuts. Love. Moonlit beaches. Midnight walks down the beach. Flashlights. Seagulls (or sea girls?). Putt-putt. More laughter. More coffee and doughnuts.

Church. Friends and family. Jack and Edith. Christmas morning visits. Ramona (yummy cookies). Music. More laughter. Getting together with friends. Support. Love. Disagreements. Sorrow. Sadness! Moving families. Still together. “On the Wings of a Snow-White Dove.”

Growing up. College. Marriage. Love. Tears. Support Trips. Ah! The grandchildren. Pride and Joy. Love. Papa’s truck. Smiles. Laughter. Death. Pain. Sorrow. Anger! Grief. Tears. Sadness in his eyes.

New lives. New love. New grandchildren. More love, pride, and joy. Smiles and tears. They say, “She has Papa’s dimple.” This is life with a gentle, loving FATHER!

Mother:  A family. Love! Boundless Strength. Support. Always encouragement. Smiles. Tears. Hugs. Warmth. Christian.

They say, “Yes, she is Sara’s daughter. She looks just like her father.” School years. Football. Basketball. Parties. Piano recitals. Student elections. Friends. Proms. All-night parties. Love. Boyfriends. Girlfriends. Broken hearts. Hurt feelings. Support. Encouragement. She was always there.

Ah! The beach trips. Friends. Children. Fun. Laughter. Coffee. Doughnuts. Food. Love letters in the sand. Moonlit beaches. Midnight walks. Flashlights. Music. Best times. Good Boy apartments. Life-long memories and friends!

Church. Family. Friends. Music. More love and laughter. Support. Disappointments. Sadness. Tears. Fears. Changes. Moving families.

Growing up. College. Marriage. Love. Tears. Support. Trips. Ah! The grandchildren. Grandmama (Fudder) is the best! Pride and Joy! Love! Smiles. Tears. Lots of laughter. Pain! Death! Sadness. Anger. Sorrow. Grief. More tears.

New lives. New love. New grandchildren. More love. Always room for one more. Open arms. Smiles. Pride and joy! This is life with a gentle, loving MOTHER!

PARENTS!   Mine. Strong. Love. Family. Support. In love after 46 years. Holding hands. Simple joys of life! Retirement. Happiness. Fears. Sadness. Memories. It is their turn – for someone to take care of their needs and wants. PARENTS – OURS! To care for, to support, and to LOVE! Endlessly!

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